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Welcome to the FutureForces Database of the largest independent future institute in Europe. For almost 20 years, we have been analyzing changes in technologies, value chains and business models in various industries. To the basic database with several hundred in-depth interviews with the strategy and technology heads of the world's trend-setting companies, 10 new forecast interviews are added every week.

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How do probable future forecasts differ from wishful thinking? The first step on the way to the future picture of your company is the correct identification of the most important trend-shaping players in your industry, the so-called future forces for your business model.

The researchers and strategy consultants of the 2b AHEAD Institute have developed a special tool for this purpose: The Future Forces Map. With it, you can quickly identify who those 20 most important players in the world are whose decisions today will influence your own business model.

Which concrete benefits does your company get from the FutureForces Database?

In the FutureForces Database, you have access at any time to the latest forecasts of scientific futurology, specifically for your industry. You will find the analyses of the most important technological and societal drivers in your industry, the future forecasts of the global trend-setting players in your industry and their impact on value chains and business models in your industry. The FutureForces Database is updated weekly.

The FutureForces Database is the largest corporate futures research database in Europe. It breaks down the findings of scientific futurology concretely to individual industries. Companies regularly use the FutureForces Database and the benefits of our Future Forces Mentoring to review their corporate strategy. Premium members also use our exclusive CxO Circle for continuous sparring on your future strategies.

Arrange an individual consultation appointment with our team directly. In 20 minutes, we will present the possibilities of the FutureForces database and the concrete benefits for your company.

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Determine your future!

Each industry has a FutureForcesMap of those TOP20 trend-shaping players who determine the future of the industry with their decisions today. These are strategy leaders and technology developers on the one hand, and politicians and regulators on the other. In the FutureForcesDatabase you will find hundreds of in-depth interviews with these TOP future decision makers in each industry. Here's a small selection: 

  • Simon Kos

    Chief Medical Officer Worldwide Health, Microsoft
    “How do you manage someone out in the community, so they don't come into hospital in the first place? Using precision medicines to identify genomically who's at risk of a disease so that we can intervene early before they get sick, using this model where technology and artificial intelligence is able to augment the exceptional, but limited, human intelligence.”
  • Babak Hodjat

    Vice President of Evolutionary AI, Cognizant
    "Inevitably, I always get this question, if it happens that AI helps us with all this decision-making, what is our role? I will reduce that to this. What are these outcomes that we care about? Ultimately, what are we optimizing for? I think that's a very important question. You know, when I was a kid thinking about the future, I kept thinking we'll sit back, and the technology is just going to do everything. In fact, it couldn't have been farther from the truth. We can't be sitting back; this is the time when we cannot be sitting back. We need to be thinking about these objectives. We cannot leave it to happenstance, as we have today."
  • Eva Kaili

    Head of the Greek SD Delegation, European Union

    "Blockchain was the hype three years ago, now it's more mature as a technology and people are realizing that with the transformation of AI we cannot just automate processes, but we can get solutions. With the autonomy that we can have with artificial intelligence, we could have immediate decisions that will be executed autonomously. So, you could have smart contracts or blockchain completely executed in an autonomous way without human oversight, and this could be super safe, or it could be super difficult to get out of, so it has to be designed and prepared properly. This is what we're planning to do."

  • Didier Toubia

    Co-Founder & CEO, Aleph Farms

    "Agriculture became more intensive to meet the demand for more food, so we will need to bridge the gap between regenerative agriculture capacity and the rising demand for meat and food. This is where innovation comes in place and where cultivated meat will supplement the existing food and agricultural systems in different ways and will actually diversify the supply for meat and incorporate the existing livestock farms in order to diversify the business. We hope to increase the living standard of farmers who are in crisis today and we also expect that incorporating innovation into farms will help solve demographic issues."

  • Dr. Dorothee Ritz

    Member of the Executive Board & General Manager Advertising & Online, Microsoft Austria

    "We have seen very well in the last few months, especially in the health sector, an unbelievable number of chatbots have been used, also by Microsoft, so that the most necessary things can be answered, so that the doctors and rare staff can concentrate on the patients. In that phase, of course, it has taken up an incredible acceleration, but I think these issues will not go away again and if we think about the big problems of the world, so environment, water, food, health and just basic care, then we will not be able to solve these problems without technology either."

  • Prof. Jun Wang

    CEO, Bioinformatics Department of Beijing Genomics Institute

    "Just by sequencing yourself, you can rewrite the history of your own family. It´s become a big issue in China. Han Chinese is the majority group in China. 70% of Han male Chinese back to 6000 years ago is only 3%. If you track the male Y chromosome, they all trace back to three persons. I heard 10% of Europeans has Changiz Khan´s Y chromosome. That's another story. We probably are just brothers. Probably closer than we thought." 

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The future does not happen by chance. The future is made.

Future research emerged as a scientific discipline in the middle of the last century. It is offered as a field of study at universities around the world. 2b AHEAD, with its more than 50 employees, is the biggest independent future institute in Europe. Our FutureForces Database is developed by graduated future researchers in collaboration with professional strategy consultants. We utilize methods from qualitative social studies (Delphi, future scenarios) to lead businesses to reliable future visions and future-proof strategies. At the core of our scientific analysis are in-depth interviews with 1,500 globally recognized leaders in strategy, innovation, and technology across all industries. The decisions of today create the industry environment of the future. Understanding their motivations, intentions, constraints, fears, and hopes aids to develop a future-proof business strategy and to reach the best possible target vision. 

With the FutureForces Database, we allow businesses to access our interviews and studies with the most important leading actors in your industry at all times. In hundreds of interviews, you will find specific analyses of those driving forces that your business will have to react to in the next ten years. In our future studies, you will find the new value chains, customer segments, and business models of your industry in ten years, which should serve as the target vision of your strategy.

Future Forces Mentoring of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank

By using our Future Forces Database, the strategy and innovation managers of our customers also receive an exclusive coaching and mentoring package. In weekly coaching letters, you will receive the latest forecasts and strategy recommendations for the various industries, prepared by our researchers. In monthly mentoring meetings, you will debate the key trend forecasts with the strategy consultants of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank as well as the other users of the Future Forces Database in our mentoring group. FutureForces Database users are eligible to participate according to the agreed membership packages.

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