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Customer Dialogue 2025

A Dialogue Between Intelligent Systems

Dialogue is the most natural form of human communication. Dialogue allows us to outwardly voice our needs, interests, desires, and visions, and give individual experiences a joint meaning. This is why excellent communication with customers is the essential factor for success, especially in business.

We now live in a time where not only interpersonal communication is carried out primarily through digital channels – we have also started communicating with artificially intelligent assistants. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have already become part of our daily lives, which not only makes life easier for their users. For companies in particular, this opens up a completely new possibility for interacting with their customers.

The present study names the main drivers for the future of customer dialogue. It explains what players are driving which trends, and for what reasons. Using the roadmaps, plans, and expectations of trendsetting stakeholders, it compiles a picture of the future of customer dialogue through 2025. And, based on our concrete strategic options, this trend study shows what steps you must take to shape the future of customer dialogue.

The trends described in this study are to be understood as long-term support for strategic orientation. Be skeptical of trend studies which forecast that customer dialogue will completely change overnight. This is pure nonsense. The present study invites you to shape the future. Develop new future approaches in manageable pilot projects in order to incrementally explore new customer- and business areas. Your success in doing this –or lack thereof – will decide whether you will numberamong the winners or the losers of today's trends in2025


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