Human-Digital Teams

How artificial intelligence and humanswill work together in teams

We have followed the research mandate, to examine the current developments in the fields of AI and human-digital teams to understand the potential in our personal and working world by 2030, both in positive and negative ways.

In order to be a part of shaping the future of AI and to avoid being a passive observer, AI capabilities must be understood from the very beginning. Companies have to create structural access points to specific fields of application and to the challenges that will surface. Only with this knowledge can they move from cautious waiting to action. However, there is no tried and tested approach for success in this area, but so far only approaches based on the principle of trial and error. And even if companies make low-risk decisions for their future, it is often a mistake, especially in the case of new technologies, to hold one’s own company back in a wait-and-see attitude and fall behind their competitors. Companies may start small, but it needs to fit within the big picture and a long-term strategy. Empowered by early AI systems, unexpected market leaders can emerge, especially in times of fundamental upheaval and uncertainty - at least that is what the triumph of digitization and the internet has taught us over the past decade.

However, recognizing the potential of new tech-nologies is only part of the challenge. In the long term, its impacts on society, the economy, and businesses leading up to 2030 must be understood in their contextual complexity, their immense scope, and their undreamt-of effects on our environment in order to make their leverage correspondingly usable for one’s own company.This study is intended to encourage readers to take the first steps on this long path to immerse themselves in a world in which they are not overwhelmed by the present but can realize the possibilities and opportunities of this technology. Cooperation with artificial intelligence promises to enable mankind to do things that humans or artificial intelligence alone would not be able to do. This is the great promise of human-digital teams in the next ten years.


Further Studies

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