The Future of Cybersecurity

Futures Study

We have followed the network’s research mandate to examine the current developments in the field of cybersecurity to understand how cybersecurity will develop over the next 10 years. Additionally, we identified key strategies to be prepared for a future with new attacking capabilities and new security solutions.

In order to be a part of shaping the future, take advantage of emerging opportunities, and simply be best prepared for the future, companies need to be aware of future disruptions and innovations in the field of cybersecurity. Only then can they design strategies that are responsive to future developments and enable them to leverage possibilities that come with them. Implementing new strategies and technologies takes time, especially in situations where IT systems are outdated, therefore companies need to start t od ay.

However, recognizing the potential of new technologies is only part of the challenge. In the long term, its impacts on society, the economy, and businesses leading up to 2030 must be understood in their contextual complexity and their immense scope, in order to make their leverage correspondingly usable for one’s company. This study encourages readers to review their current IT systems and infrastructure and think about their vision for the company in the next 10 years. Furthermore, it gives insight into the use of cybersecurity and the dangers that cyberattacks may bear. Although the primary concern of cybersecurity is to protect the company, it should not only be viewed as a burden but also be recognized for the opportunities and benefits it can bring for one’s company.


Further Studies

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