Safety 2027

Conformity Assessment in a Digitalized and Adaptive World

Even linguistically, the term “seal” carries weight. Ifsomething has a seal affixed to it, it is considered decided, final, unavoidable. No matter whether a seal ofapproval, a certification seal, or simply a seal of secrecy – the word resonates with a sense of respect for the decisions of worldly and religious rulers invested with eternal value through sealing wax and signet.

Today’s testing institutes have long stopped workingwith sealing wax. In the technologically highly complexworld of the 20th century, they developed quality stan-dards and tested the compliance of these standards –thus creating safety for manufacturers and trust for customers.

The TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) industrynow faces the challenges of the 21st century: virtualproducts, individualized products, products andtechnical facilities that are co-designed by customersor constantly adapt to their situational needs, growingdata streams, and increasingly shorter developmentcycles – and all of this with the demand for the highestdegree of safety. Digitalization in particular opens up ahost of new business opportunities for the TIC industry, but also implies almost equally as many risks.

This study aims to illuminate both facets: opportunitiesas well as risks, potential as well as danger. It providesa consistent and empirically based scenario for the TIC industry in ten years’ time. None of this yet carries aseal, none of it inescapable – after all, the focus here ison a future which is still being shaped by all of us. This study names the main drivers for the future oftechnological safety. It explains what players will drivewhich trends, and for what reasons. From theroadmaps, plans, and expectations of the major playersinvolved, a picture of the future of the TIC industryemerges for the coming five to ten years.

And, based on concrete strategic options, our studyshows what steps you must take to help shape thisfuture.The trends described in this study are to beunderstood as long-term aids for strategic orientation.Be sceptical of trend studies which forecast that yourindustry will completely change overnight. This is non-sense. Most providers will be able to continue theirbusiness operations for many years – continue withsteadily declining revenues, but continue none- theless ...The present study invites you to shape the future. Beencouraged to develop new approaches to the futureby conducting manageable pilot projects, thus enteringnew business areas and acquiring new customers whilealso generating more profit than is lost by your existingmodel. Your success in doing this – or lack thereof –will decide whether you will number among thewinners or the losers of today's trends in 2027.


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