Personalized Medicine of the Future

Your industry, the healthcare business, is facing an extensive transitional phase. Personalized medicine — understood as the overall search for the best personal opportunities for disease prevention and recovery and for improvements in health, will characterize and change your industry permanently in the coming years.
Patients obviously have more data available on their own health status; the data is more comprehensive, of better quality and originate from numerous, different sources. Moreover, patients have many possibili-ties to analyze and interpret this data for themselves. And digital assistance systems play an important role here as well. The flow of data between patients, their assistance systems, expertise available online, primary care physicians, specialists, medical experts, clinics, pharmacies, wellness centers, and other providers on the healthcare market will define the type of interaction between the players and the industry in a specific case.
And even more: Our conception of illness and health will change. With the growing possibilities forselfchecks and self-optimizing, the boundaries between illness and health will become blurred. And thus, patients will often become healthcare customers instead. The medical industry is in competition withcompanies again penetrating from the outside into the healthcare market. There will be entry points atthe least for telecommunications providers, sensor manufacturers, software companies, sportsequipment manufacturers, and the nutritional supplement industry.
The medical industry has a great future — even though it looks different from the past. This studynames the significant strategic drivers for the future of your industry. It explains which actors willdrive which trends and why. From the roadmaps, plans, and expectations of the trendsetting playersit presents a picture of the future of your industry in the coming five to ten years. And based on concretestrategic options, it shows which steps companies in the medical industry must take to meet thechallenges of the personalized medicine of the future.
The trends described in this study are to be understood as aids in long-term strategic orientation. Butbe skeptical of trend studies that forecast that your industry will change completely from one day to thenext. That is pure nonsense.
This study is an invitation to shape your own future, an invitation to the industry to develop newapproaches to the future based on concise pilot projects. Whether or not you succeed in this willdetermine if you are counted among the winners or losers of today’s trends in the year 2025.


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